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When to use it

You have a complex challenge or need to make an important decision
There are some “elephants in the room” that need to be addressed before a viable solution can be designed
Herding Cats
You have a lot of stakeholders and herding cats is not your super power
Team Building
You don’t want an intervention, group grope or feel-good teambuilding session
Work Hard
You do want a heads-down, work your butt off, far-more-productive-than-you-would-believe event




Gatherings of enterprises, departments, functions, or multi-stakeholder groups to accelerate the design of innovative (or breakthrough) solutions.
Conferences, Summits, Retreats, Workshops, Corporate Meetings

Conferences, Summits, Retreats, Workshops, Corporate Meetings

Gatherings of executive teams, focus groups, or project teams designed to advance specific initiatives.
Business Simulations

Business Simulations

Custom, experiential and interactive activities designed to model existing conditions and enable discovery of new ways of working.




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We use collaborative practices and design thinking to:

Accelerate understanding, alignment and the development and implementation of innovative solutions AND support leaders, teams and individuals in making the transitions necessary to achieve change initiatives. 

 Because… things change, but people make transitions. 

All complex changes have two sides, the technical side and the socio-behavioral side. We help you unlock the secret to successful change initiatives, which is to understand and plan for both sides.



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