Strategic Partner Celebrates 30 Years

theDifference’s strategic consulting partners Expressworks International celebrate 30 years of service with an All-Hands “Super Week." Congratulations Expressworks!

Expressworks International, one of theDifference’s strategic consulting partners, celebrated 30 years of service with an All-Hands “Super Week” in Ft. Lauderdale. Stephen Zaruba and John Querto kicked off the 4-day meeting, congratulating their entire network of consultants and learning professionals on their long run of success.

Matt Sullivan, Creative Director at theDifference, completed a 24′ X 8′ Art Wall that tracked the key discussions held in plenary during the week. Graphic recorders Dana Wright and Emily Shepherd also contributed to the wall, enabling participants to visualize their discussions.

The Art Wall served as a lit backdrop for a lively 80′s Party that enabled 100+ participants from the Expressworks network to enjoy an evening of music and dancing.