Innovating Better Health with McKesson

theDifference is proud to be part of the McKesson Better Health Tour. With stops so far in Portland, Boston, the Twin Cities and Toronto, the Better Health Tour is an opportunity for local healthcare leaders and innovators to engage in meaningful conversations about how to improve the healthcare ecosystem in their city.


Designing a successful tour

When McKesson leaders began formulating their ideas for the Better Health Tour, they called on theDifference co-Founder David Roberts to co-design a collaborative, engaging and richly visual experience—one that stands out from typical healthcare events. To help create that experience, theDifference Visual Communications provides live graphic capture and designs conversation-inspiring visuals for each stop on the Tour.

The Better Health Tour has earned great reviews from participants and attention in the national media. According to Roberts, Tour success is the result of McKesson’s ability to gather top-tier health care professionals and then supporting them to apply Clayton Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation model to local health care issues in the most collaborative, interactive and candid way possible.

Creatively supporting the conversation

One of our favorite Tour projects is “Data Dive,” a small-group interactive game. The game uses infographics that visually compare relevant health-care facts across regions and nations. Using an iPad app to consolidate real-time results, the game helps participants test their knowledge and root out their assumptions about health care and to understand the perspectives of the other 100 people in the room.