Motion Story Design Process Clears Barriers to Successful Vision Development

An innovation group at a Fortune 20 multinational energy company needed stakeholders to understand and support their vision, yet they lacked the alignment and clarity they needed for their vision development.


theDifference Visual Communications was called in by one of our strategic partners, Expressworks International, to help meet the challenge.

We developed a Motion Story video series that fostered a language and deeper understanding of a key area of focus for the group. But it was participating in our collaborative Design Process that helped the group bring their vision fully into focus.

Here’s the Difference we made:

“The Motion Stories are an important piece of the overall communications campaign that I was responsible for delivering. They were good catalysts for discussion among Program Managers and helped solidify the ‘smart engines’ concept that was key to the overall narrative that we built. They also grabbed attention, which helped get our message out to other people and groups who may not have otherwise seen or heard it.”

- J.P. Rose, Expressworks Creative Director

“The process of creating the videos helped our team engage with our stakeholders to understand their vision of the future and to draw out thinking on what the future could look like. The entire process led to the final crafting of our mission, vision, strategic focus areas and a narrative document and ensured that our vision was shared amongst our key stakeholders.

The Motion Stories have been received well by leaders and individual contributors in our business unit. We receive feedback every week from other business units about how the Motion Stories got them thinking about how they might transform the way they work. Overall, a great success and lots of value added.”

- Managing Director, Innovation Group