Holiday Musings from theDifference team

As we head into some well-earned days off to celebrate the holidays, I asked the team to share some of their favorite holiday traditions. Of course, being the creative crew that we are, you can’t expect all cookie baking and caroling…

theDifference favorite holiday traditions

  • Watch Lord of the Rings and look for the pickle on the tree
  • Eat Speck (cooked bacon rolled in paprika, sliced and served with generous amounts of mustard, salt and pepper)
  • Wage marshmallow gun fights
  • Make a massive gingerbread city, feel sick, then smash it after the holidays
  • Celebrate differently each year
  • Watch Die Hard
  • Play “Name the Next Line” while watching “Rudolf the Reindeer.” Of course, Reindeer cocktails are involved….
  • Do a “tri-bath-lon” – surf, stand-up paddle, hot tub
  • Go on a pajama-wearing marathon and eat as many treats as possible

Whatever your traditions, all of us at theDifference wish you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday season!