Choose Your Own Adventure

From Viewing to Doing - The value of building choice into corporate videos and interactive trainings


Do you enter the dark cave or cross the rickety bridge? Talk to the innkeeper or explore the tool shed? Turn left or right?

When we were kids, authors and publishers introduced a new way of interacting with a traditionally passive medium. “Choose Your Own Adventure” books put the reader at the center of the story and charged us with making choices. All of a sudden, we were a real part of the story, and the experience of reading a book changed.

Like books, corporate videos are a traditionally passive medium. Sometimes this works great, but at other times a far more interactive experience is needed.
Imagine a change management video that aligns your team’s mindset and behavior to your new strategy by challenging them to apply the strategy to important decisions and then revealing the outcomes.

Or a training video that deepens the learning by enabling your audience to play “What if?,” explore different paths of action, and test their knowledge.

Or a marketing video that influences buying decisions by allowing your potential customers to play out their dilemma and find their own way to your solutions.

At theDifference, we’ve developed our own effective approach that we call “Choose Your Own Adventure” Motion Stories. Partnering with you to craft the right content, messaging, decision points, and storyline, we bring your video to life and life to your video.

In a nutshell, “Choose Your Own Adventure” Motion Stories:

  • Increase audience engagement by putting the story in the hands of the viewer

  • Accelerate learning by providing strategically designed interactive decision points

  • Instill a sense of decisiveness, spontaneity, and even thrills into training, presentations, and marketing materials

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