In the Studio

As a creative studio, we make it a priority to support our team’s non-client-related creative work. Our tDS Labs program is designed to give our team a chance to pursue projects that explore new techniques in art and storytelling. Read below for responses from tDS Lead Creative Steve Downer on a recent piece he designed to coincide with the release of the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”


Why did you want to create the BvS piece?
I wanted to experiment and create a hand-drawn, informative graphic that could compare plot lines but also give a sense of evolving costume designs and weaponry choices without overwhelming the reader. Pop culture and superhero media are real passions of mine, so the subject of the piece was a natural fit for my tastes!

What sort of response did you get?
Within the community of people who care about that sort of thing, in online communities and comic-book-centric blogs, people loved it! The graphic fit particularly well on Reddit, where it became part of a really fun and heated larger ongoing conversation about superhero fights. The graphic was also referenced in an online Time Magazine article as a resource for the history of this super match-up.