Turnaround of a Business Development Function

With a new growth strategy and holistic solution offerings in place, the focus turns toward enabling the Business Development function to execute the strategy efficiently and effectively.

After completing an assessment of the business development function, recommendations were put forward to: solve for an effective functional design, collaborate ‘selectively’ across the gate process, and clarify how capture management responsibilities are executed across multiple roles.

Matrixed Functional Design: A progressive series of models illustrated how the center-led and business-aligned function will flex with the changes in the organization. Recommendations for where to invest in FTE over time were provided to help the function scale for growth.

Gate Review Process Design: A (re)design of the gate review process, with major changes made to the total number of stages and the deliverables per gate was completed. This work enabled the executives leading the business units to ensure a more efficient collaborative process via which to monitor and manage all business development activity and calculate win probability estimates.
Capture Management* Responsibilities Design: A high-level conceptual definition differentiated the responsibilities of capture management, business development, and subject matter expertise to provide clarity of the end-to-end partnership required across a number of roles. We engaged in a RACI model definition to understand the magnitude of the capture management responsibility, which was shared across a number of roles.

*“Capture management is defined as everything a company does to raise its win probability between the time it decides to pursue an expected government contract and the time the RFP is released (Bob Lohfeld).”