theDifference Featured in National Center for Service Video

The Presidio Trust, a historic military base and national treasure, announced the re-purposing of Fort Scott to be the National Center for Service and Innovative Leadership. The communications campaign featured a thank you to theDifference for partnership in accelerating the program and clips of the Design Workshop.

In January 2012, The Difference designed and ran a 3-day Design Workshop to help align national service leaders around a common approach to service and innovative leadership. Facilitation team members David Roberts, Nate Dailey, Jack Burgess, Isa Olmstead, and Kristen Firpo brought a collaborative environment and approach to align a broad set of constituents.
Since working with The Difference, The Presidio team has pushed forward with planning and implementing their vision of creating a national center at this urban national park. This exciting plan for some of the most valuable and impressive real estate in the world will be exciting to track for decades to come.