Interactive Visual Helps Align 1000+ Technologists

A custom-created, visual product called an “Interactive Journey Map” became the primary communication framework for rolling out a new strategy to 1000+ technologists of a Fortune 15 company.

Delivered via a series of regional, 4-hour, Town Hall meetings in California, Texas, Colorado, and Georgia, this tool enabled the entire IT organization to:

• Visualize and understand the “big picture” of the road ahead
• Internalize the “what it means to me” element of change
• Understand each person’s role in the path forward
• Engage with leaders and each other in a new, interactive way

To create this visual product, Creative Director Matt Sullivan from The Difference facilitated a team of IT Managers during a separate leadership conference in May. This team generated the first draft, including theme, frame, actors, relationships, and annotations, of the organization’s strategic direction for the next 18 months. Following the leadership conference, the draft was transformed into an interactive, poster-sized visual (shown above) with targeted questions to enable 1000+ technologists to internalize its message through a conversation-based, tabletop activity.