Interactive Board Game Enlightens 3,000

theDifference played a multi-faceted and critical role in the success of a massive gathering of leaders and individual contributors from a technology company undergoing strong growth.


The 3-day session brought together 3,000 participants from around the globe to align on a strategic direction. The Difference partnered with the leadership consulting firm Peak Teams to deliver an exceptionally high-impact event.

David Roberts and Matt Sullivan from The Difference collaborated with the client for months prior to the session to design an impactful, customized “Interactive Board Game” that drove the strategy alignment process across the session’s 3000 participants. The objective was to accelerate comprehension of the new strategy in an engaging and personalized way. The design of the game was content-specific, thus requiring engagement and concentration by the participants in order to succeed.

At the session, Matt provided real-time graphic recording and visual modeling for the main stage gatherings of the large group. He and David also facilitated breakout rooms over the three days with subgroups of participants ranging from 200 – 350 people.