Health Care System Plans Growth

theDifference delivered a Design Forum for 100 health care leaders to align on service line priorities and growth targets over the next five years.

Presidents from all hospital systems as well as experts from the five service lines of Cardio-Vascular, Women’s Health, Ortho, Neurology, and Oncology built targets and plans for growth cross-functionally.

The team of seven facilitators from The Difference designed and delivered the intensive session. David Roberts, Executive Director, and Matt Sullivan, Visual Modeler and Graphic Facilitator, worked upfront to create a 15-foot canvas of their journey with the challenges, opportunities, and unknowns. This graphic was a key communication piece during the session. Following the session the map was animated with leadership “voice over” and was used as a consistent, engaging tool to provide clarity and common context to several thousand employees.

The result was agreed-upon prioritization of the overall growth vision and integrated growth strategies that ran across the hospital campuses at a service line level, i.e. cardiovascular, oncology, etc. The hospital campus leaders developed and agreed to an operating model, guiding principles, behaviors, and processes to drive collaboration as they moved into further defining and executing these visions.