Fast Food Giant Defines Training Approach

theDifference facilitated a 1-day Decision Accelerator Workshop for a small team of 16 stakeholders focused on the effective and efficient rollout of a major systems training program to over 1500 retail locations.

Using a creative environment within the client’s marketing department, the objectives of the event were to

1) provide visibility to the “big picture” benefits of the training program,

2) understand and validate the high level learning objectives, training content, and sequencing,

3) understand and internalize the key outcomes from a recent Training Assessment,

4) provide visibility to the landscape of training options possible,

5) enable an open forum for voicing ideas and concerns for designing and delivering the training,  and

6) generate alignment to the training delivery method.

Led by Executive Director Tom Kehner from The Difference, the expedited workshop focused heavily on a conversational format that enabled the team to quickly understand context and discuss possibilities.The use of white board walls enabled the team to be surrounded by data and key artifacts throughout their collaborative discussion. In the final conversation across the last two hours, the group experienced a breakthrough idea and aligned to a strategy that included a blend of delivery mechanisms. “These last 2 hours were like gold,” stated the Program Manager as he highlighted the changes in mindset that the workshop had enabled.