Extended Leadership Team Bridges to the Future

A team of 120 senior leaders from a Fortune 100 Health Care company gathered at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Conference Center north of Houston, TX, to define the implications of their core strategies across different businesses.

Having come through the integration of a major acquisition, it was time for the team to step back, identify, and prioritize the leadership insights needed to significantly move the needle on the different businesses. To provide structure to their work, The Difference used psychologist Bruce Tuckman’s model of Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing to enable the team to understand where they were in the process of growing, facing challenges, tackling problems, finding solutions, planning work, and delivering results as a unified team.

Prior to the Forum, a set of visual “InfoGraphics” were developed by Creative Director Matt Sullivan and his team of graphic facilitators to simplify and clarify the financials, strategies, and offers across the business. The Leadership Team provided the groundwork and information for these visuals so the extended team of 120 could determine how their existing priorities mapped to the insights from the cross-functional team. In addition, a “bridge to the future” visual was used as a metaphor for transformation throughout the Design Forum. The CEO closed the Forum with a call for the ELT to engage their teams going forward using the bridge as a consistent metaphor, and to get those teams to draw and define what needed to be done to actually build the bridge to the future.