Empowering a Mid-Market Organization for Healthy Growth

The reality of sequestration is that federal budgets have been cut – across-the-board – for the next 10 years.

Many customers of federal agencies did not expect sequestration to occur and are now in a position of having to diversify their customer base in order to maintain business performance. The Difference helped one such organization solve for their best path forward.

To align the new executive team around a healthy, differentiated growth strategy, the engagement was divided into three phases:

Phase 1
Strategy was identified from the organization assessment that was conducted across a range of stakeholders. There were three opportunities within Strategy: (1) identify a small grouping of holistic solution offerings, (2) identify the mechanisms that differentiate the organization from its mid-market competitors, and (3) transform the structure and culture of the business development function to enable the execution of the strategy. The third opportunity turned into a separate engagement in the months to follow.

Phase 2
A 1-day design workshop provided a preliminary run at the “what and how” behind the differentiated strategy for each solution offering. The Growth Horizon Model was the framework we used to: (1) map the progressive growth of each solution offering, and (2) map what differentiators for each solution line provided a competitive advantage over time. The output of this session was a strawman for a customized Growth Horizon Model that was completed during Phase 3.

Phase 3
A 3-day design workshop included an intense working session with the executive team, and another session to socialize their work with 15 top leaders. The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument was useful in helping isolate what creates and derails the team from making decision around strategy. We facilitated an exercise designed to counteract the “analysis paralysis” traditionally coupled with the deep subject matter expertise that exists in this organization. By the end of the session the go-forward strategy was clear, the solution offerings were holistic, and the team felt they had accelerated their ability to work together effectively.
Cailin O’Riordan and Tom Kehner from The Difference partnered on the engagement, with a bevy of talented graphic facilitators and production crew members.