Computer Company Aligns on Premium Offer

A team of leaders from a Fortune 500 computer company gathered to define a path forward for a premium product brand.

The 2-day session included a combination of external speakers, internal subject matter discussions, and value proposition and initiative deep dives. The Conversation for Context included studying case studies and examples from companies that either developed, or tried to develop, a premium brand. These companies included Samsung, Nespresso, Lexus, The Four Seasons, and Starbucks.

During the session, The Difference utilized a lightweight collaborative work environment designed and built by Ryan Romsey. The output from the session was captured and organized in Prezi format, rather than PowerPoint, by Doug Cheek and Julie Gieseke. This Prezi enabled the client to internalize and communicate the session outcomes in a more intuitive and adaptable form as compared to the linear framework that PowerPoint mandates.