theDifference Teams with California Governor’s Office to Align Faith Groups

In June, theDifference gathered 20+ faith leaders in Sacramento to address two questions:


1) How can faith communities across California, most of whom are already have disaster readiness and response within their community, become better aligned across faiths?

2) What role can, and should, the State of California play in organizing, convening, and coordinating these communities?

The push to better align California faith communities was driven by Karen Baker, Secretary of Service and Volunteering for the Governor’s office. Representatives of the White House and University of Southern California were present to provide some of the latest perspectives and trends in the disaster readiness and response, as well as the role of faith communities. The event was sponsored by FEMA.

The one-day session was designed to outline the parameters for three upcoming “Faith Summits” across California. It brought together some of the top leaders from a variety of faiths, including Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and the Church of Latter Day Saints. theDifference facilitation team of Ryan Romsey, Jack Burgess, and David Roberts helped guide the conversation to a place of candor and sufficient alignment across a very diverse set of perspectives.