Bringing the Art of Science to Life

A newly formed team of scientists needed to map their journey and understand how each functional team would contribute to make it happen.

To aid with this challenge, theDifference was charged with designing and delivering an impactful, creative, & interactive experience.

theDifference partnered with author and speaker Michael Gelb, whose book “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” was a conceptual theme for the team.

The creative team developed a visual depiction of the group’s current and future states, making what could have been a 25-page PowerPoint deck into a compelling story of their journey (content removed in the picture below).

Once the 100 participants gathered at their conference, the functional groups were asked to “bring to life” their contribution to this journey, using storytelling and metaphor to drive clarity. They presented their stories in creative fashion, using costuming and model-making materials to bring their stories to life.