“Big Rocks” Translate to High Priority Projects

Seventy-five executives representing the Reciprocating Engine business unit of a leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines met at the Embassy Suites Riverfront Conference Center in East Peoria, IL, for a 3-day Design Forum.

Challenged with the goal of aligning four independent divisions around an enterprise-wide Business Transformation initiative, The Difference led the group through a series of non-linear, creative exercises that enabled conversations within functional teams and across end-to-end core processes. Process Leads and Functional Subject Matter Experts joined the group to provide context and learning in conversational formats.

Key visuals used by the group during the Design Forum included nearly 100 white boxes that formed the wall of “gaps, issues, and Big Rocks,” as well as a 20-foot long Journey Map that enabled the group to identify common solutions across the four divisions for more than 50% of their high priority “Big Rocks.” To aid in post-Design Forum change management and communications, The Difference also produced a 32-page magazine to serve as a communications vehicle for telling the Business Transformation story up and down the chain of command.